Acid Dye

Extremely brilliant and colorfast, Jacquard’s Acid Dyes are concentrated, powdered, hot water dyes that yield the most vibrant results possible for protein fibers. When immersion dyeing, Jacquard’s Acid Dyes produce a uniform color, which is always a challenge for dyers. The colors are beautiful, transparent and luscious enough to dive into.

In addition to yarn or garment dyeing, Jacquard Acid Dyes may also be used for painting or printing applications, using steam setting.

Don’t be alarmed by the name–the only acid involved is the white vinegar (acetic acid) that you add to the dye bath.

- A half oz/14 g bottle will color up to 2 lbs/.91 kg of fiber, depending on the depth of the shade.


protein fibers: wool, cashmere, alpaca, feathers, silk and some nylons

Sizes - 40 colors

1/2 oz/14 g (Item JAC1)
8 oz/.23 kg (Item JAC2)
1 lb: 16 oz/.45 kg (Item JAC3)

8 oz. and 1 lb. sizes now available at a location near you.

Five pounds and up available at the Jacquard Bulk & Specialty Store.

Also Available in the Acid Dye Starter Set

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