About Us

A Quality Products And Service You Can Trust

Pan Uniform is a designer of fine knits and professional uniform company. We have now been in business for over 10 years and during the period of time, we have established a group of loyal customers in Malaysia.

Our garments are specially designed by our own Pan Uniform design team right in our Johor Bahru headquater. Our designs are then carefully manufactured to the highest quality standards.

On top of that, we can deliver your wholesale custom uniforms & formal wear fast because the work is done right at our Johor Bahru site. Our in-house designers oversee the production of every piece of work, to ensure quality and on time. Always remember that quality custom uniforms don’t have to take a long time! Moreover, our philosophy is to design and manufacture signature garments and coordinated accessories that boost images with their distinctive appearance and unrivaled performance.

At Pan Uniform, we will design the uniform for you company and personalize it with company logo usingour custom embroidery service. We promise that you will get a ready-to wear uniform at an affordable price…and you’ll get them on time.

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